Rides achieved, Fish Trail and Green Bluff

Trees are lining the streets with chromatic foliage. So far, Fish Trail and Green Bluff are checked off of my bike rides to prep for the Big Tour.

Photo: Satish Shrestha

Photo: Satish Shrestha

A few notes about each. Fish trail is flat. Flat. The extension added on since I rode the trail two years ago is remarkable. Instead of stopping at two large concrete barricades, bikers, runners, or children checking out caterpillars can follow the trail about a half a mile further. On one side is a pond, on the other, train tracks. The trail ends at a metal fence, and there’s a bench to the left. Green Bluff was an exhilarating and, let’s say, an honest ride, totaling about 50 miles. Fish Lake is about 15. Taking the back route up Argonne and riding the loop through the countryside confirmed that A) I excel at pacing myself up steady hills, B) I tend to walk my bike up steep short hills, and C) I am terrified bicycling downhill. Survey says? Stick to what works for extended uphills, work up the mental strength to reach the top of steep, short hills, and look over my bike before heading out on a ride so I’m positive nothing will loosen while cycling downhill (a recap of physics might not hurt, either)

A few weekends left to enjoy fall rides!

Onto biking through autumn leaves.

Photo: Satish Shrestha

Photo: Satish Shrestha


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