4 Power Bike Inventions 2014

YES! Yes. Sure. Maybe. These four inventions are astounding, especially since, at one time, the bicycle was the invention. It’s amazing how we’ve involved, and reap capital success from Kickstarter campaigns.

Pedal Power Desk $2,400 Kickstarter

This desk puts standing desks to shame. Pedal Power is about “our relationship with energy,” not just for the sedentary American workforce, but for chicken farmers who use Pedal Desk to grind grain for their chickens, or developing nations where people recycle bikes from the US and turn them into machines to pump water. Might be a great transition from biking to work on a morning commute.


Seatylock $75 Kickstarter Smart people thought of the “why didn’t we think of this before?” plan, gathered materials, and worked for three years on this revolutionary and intuitive product. Estimated ship date is March 2015.

Copenhagen Wheel $699 *Announced in 2009, completed in 2013. Came to my attention in 2014

Thanks team MIT. This invention is basically a smart bike wheel, utilizing your momentum. A bike wheel “that’s too clever for its own good” might be one of the next popular rides in urban districts. Facebook and Tumblr are keeping tabs.


Half Bikes. A balancing act? Another accomplished Kickstarter campaign introduces a sleek design to ride the streets. Best ridden over gentle slopes, this design is meant for those conscious about durability, function, and and curb appeal. This minimalist machine  is available online for orders, as far as I know. The design is to naviagate urban traffic and fit on public transportation.

Half Bike’s designs from the Kickstarter Page

Able to ship worldwide. Selling price is $999.



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