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Bike Journal:Rolling Right Along — August 27, 2014

Bike Journal:Rolling Right Along

Since the declaration of the dream bike trip, a few strides, so far.

Articles exist (thanks Google) by–mostly–men who’ve toured solo or with a group across the country. However, Pippa made her cross-country debut.

There is a national route map. Route 40…possibilities


Started training (biking to work, swimming, running)

Researching equipment — is a hammock better than a tent? Do I really need solar powered chargers from REI?

Next set of goals: independent funding, bike rides around the city and the region, and keeping the dream alive.

Those who are touring, I salute you.

Bike Journal: Bike Across America — August 4, 2014

Bike Journal: Bike Across America

6 Month Countdown

My friend moved to New York City two weeks ago. She left behind her coconut flour and flax seed, and invited me to see her in the Big Apple…by bike.

Blogging the process leading up to see her, a month and a half excursion, is based mostly in accountability.

Let the planning commense! I welcome tips on how to begin and how to make it through. Here we go!

August 4. Daydreaming phase for the Pacific Northwest bike ride to New York City, New York.