Falling in Love in a Bike Shop

Gateway to Pedals2People. Bike Part Art

Shop on Sprague

“I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you…”

If love is blind then I was a cyclist riding with a blindfold. I was blind to the tools and services behind Pedals2People back in the summer of 2010. I stepped into your shop with empty hands, only to leave with a fine-tuned bike and oil under my fingernails.

Almost four years later my hands are filled with the tools that flex with muscle memory to care to bikes like a surgeon to a patient. I knew nothing back then. I was blind to the love of bikes. I was blind to the love, sweat, and tears to pedal over harsh and tame terrain, to dodge around traffic, and to park into the heart of my partner. Pedals2People, cleaned up the dirt, swept up the mess, tightened the cables and lubricated the chains. You buckled my helmet, and let me go free, knowing I would return.

This is my Valentine to Pedals2People. Without a doubt, you deserve more love.

Please share more love by voting in STCU’s “Who Do You Love?” and nominate Pedals2People.

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