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City Cycling, the illustrated travel companion — November 18, 2013

City Cycling, the illustrated travel companion

Thames & Hudson

Maria Popova’s Brainpickings once again steered me toward a delightful read. City Cycling: Europe, an illustrated field guide to biking in eight major cities, is a complete collection of 400 color illustrations that feature London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan, and Antwerp/ Ghent. Actualized by Thames & Hudson, the publisher’s mission is to create books that “reveal the world of art to the general public, to create a ‘museum without walls’.” The illustrations remind me of the charming Madeleine story books. Couple City Cycling with Brainpicking’s 1969 bicycle safety manual. Do remember your “sounding device” then peruse through bicycling capitals of the world and Southern Asia’s publishing landscapes.

Thames & Hudson via Coolthings
Thames & Hudson via Brainpickings

The red chain. The bike world’s Nike swoosh? — November 13, 2013

The red chain. The bike world’s Nike swoosh?

Image, Martone Cycling Co.; iainclaridge.co.uk

Delta airline’s September Sky Magazine spotlighted luxury cycling. Martone Cycling Company, a new line with a “high design” bike from New York City, has fashion oozing from its bike frames. The $899 bikes available at Saks Fifth Avenue spurred a fall collection of bike-inspired accessories such as locks, helmets, lights, key rings, and bracelets. With the pedal powered SRAM dumatic gear system and a basket that can hold twenty pounds of cargo, the bike is creating buzz and catching the eye using a unique branding tool. No matter if you purchase the bike in black, white, silver, red or gold, Martone’s red chain pops like a Nike swoosh or the CC Coco Chanel logo, and makes the brand undeniably distinguishable.

Founder Lorenzo Martone bikes and has the eye to make his mode of transportation be an aesthetic center piece in his West Village living room. His vision is also backed by the courage it takes to bike in New York.  “It’s a transportation for the brave,” Martone told Refinery 29.

“I strongly believe that choosing a bike should be a reflection of your personal style.”–Lorenzo Martone

Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images North America

Martone bikes are featured in Maison Jules, a new womenswear brand inspired by Parisian street style. The partnership exudes the blend between bikes and high culture.

Photo: Garance Doré

Martone Cycling Company also wants to give back. They partner with Recycle-A-Bicycle, (RAB) is a community-based bike shop and 501©3 non-profit organization that facilitates job training, environmental education, and everyday bicycling for people of all ages in NewYork City.

The bicycle, a simple, human powered machine has always been stylish. What’s clever about Martone’s marketing is that bicycles go with any outfit. Now the bow tie or string of pearls isn’t necessary. Now there’s a red chain. An accessory on the go.